The  Brothers of the Western Region Welcome You!

Over one-hundred years ago seven men of great vision ignited a movement that would not only impact the lives of thousands of men within collegiate ranks across the world but more importantly the greater community at large. One hundred and seven years after its conception our illustrious organization, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., continues to stand as a beacon of hope to under served communities, a guiding light to the youth of our world, and a piercing luminescence of accountability that highlights the injustices plaguing greater society.

As we relish in the resounding impact of our predecessors I also stand to remind each of us that there is still much work left for us to do. Just like our audacious Jewels, I strongly believe that Alpha Phi Alpha is best positioned to eradicate the myriad of social ills that are suffocating the very same rights and liberties our forefathers endeavored for us to experience.

With intentional alignment with our General President’s vision this regional administration is prepared to engage, empower and equip all brothers in the Western Region to harness innovation in order to expand the indelible collective impact of Alpha West within the House and beyond into the communities we are fortunate to serve. In addition, a series of opportunities are being constructed to strengthen the bonds across the multiple generations within the fraternity, amplify the reclamation efforts throughout the Western Region, connect brothers to academic, professional development and employment opportunities through economic development, as well as honor our Veterans who have served our country with honor.

Our new Western Region Web Site is not only a site loaded with information, the site has been designed utilizing Google Enterprise and WordPress Advance features.

Again, we welcome you to the Western Region and hope you enjoy our new interactive website site.

WE WORK to provide service to

our communities

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Alpha West Business Solutions

In line  with the Western Region Vice Presidents vision, the mission of Alpha Business Solutions is to provide the Western Region with Information systems that enhances the business processes of the Regional Executive Team, Committees, Districts & Chapters.

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