Message From the Editor,

Brother Keith C. Williams

y Brothers of Alpha,One of the Western Region Magazine Committees top priorities is to inform the Brothers about various the great and grand news within the Western Region of Alpha Phi Alpha.In today’s high tech world it is not surprising that so many areas of commerce and life depend upon technology and subsequently publishing news using these methods is now an everyday way of life. Using technology to share news is so important that many entities have created dedicated pages purely to report on new developments.

There are industries that rely on the technology news pages, for example, the medical industry relies heavily on technical developments to advance forms of diagnosis and treatment. A recent story on students using consoles to increase their dexterity before surgery was a news article that provided a unique insight into the medical world.

More generally, technology has improved the processes of identifying stories that are newsworthy. Feeds from social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter provide a snapshot of events happening around the world from the viewpoint of first-hand witnesses, and blogs and citizen news sources offer analytical perspectives from the ground faster than print or television can provide.

Participation in submitting articles for the Western Region Magazine which necessitates reasoning and moreover Brotherhood trust, this news medium will help reduce the social distance between College and Alumni Brothers, between Districts and the Region as well as facilitate a more equitable exchange of ideals among our “Great and Enlightened Fraternal Brotherhood.”

The current catch phrase in journalism today is “the defining moment.” Simply put, the phrase means how has a story or an event defined a specific medium or brand name. For print journalism, the defining moment may have been the Vietnam War or the Watergate Investigation.

For radio news, the defining moment may have been the crash of the Hindenburg or Edward R. Murrow’s reports from London and Buchenwald. For television news, the defining moment may have been the assassination of JFK or the crash of the Challenger.

For the Internet and the World Wide Web, pundits have rolled out a variety of defining moments: Pierre Salinger’s uneducated use of an apparently bogus document from the Internet about the crash of TWA 800, the public mourning over the death of Nelson Mandela, the millions of hits on NASA’s Web site during the Mars probe, and the report of Web gossip columnist Matthew Drudge about the Monica Lewinsky incident.

We have arrived at the “Defining Moment For The Western Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. ” the implementation of a Online Magazine transcending how we the Brothers of Alpha exchange information across the Western Region.

As your Editor in Chief of the first “Online Western Region Magazine” I am proud to lead the charge to the take our Fraternal exchange of knowledge and information sharing to the next level in our Great Western Region.


Brother Keith C. Williams
Western Region, Editor-in-Chief


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