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About College Brothers Affairs

The goal of The Commission on College Brothers Affairs (“The Commission”) is to achieve the Fraternity’s mission statement on developing leaders through dynamic, tangible, results-oriented programming and resource administration, geared specifically for college brothers.

In the Western Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., college brothers fuel the spirit of our brotherhood through their tireless service to their campuses and within their communities. The brothers of the region reward their work by providing them with the resources that would be most beneficial to their growth.

Accordingly, and necessarily, through mentorship, professional development, and support we expect our college brothers to experience the fullness and breadth of their membership so that they are prepared to fulfill their pledge to a lifetime commitment to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

College Brothers Affair Background Information

In 2015, The Commission completed a robust needs assessment and planning process to identify key opportunities to enhance Fraternity support of college brothers. College Brothers are faced with a unique set of challenges ranging from student loan debt and off-campus job responsibilities to a lack of structured support systems for career exploration and development, that are far more pervasive than the Fraternity has been built to address in recent years.

The Commission had more than 15 brothers participate in a focused discussion; conducted 4 follow up interviews with college brothers; and received 35 responses to the needs assessment survey. There were 80 college brothers in the region at the time of the report and nearly 75% of responses were from seniors. The below results highlighted some hard truths.

Post Graduate


Nearly 90% of survey respondents expressed their interest in attending graduate or professional school upon graduation, however, only half were somewhat knowledgeable about the application process while only 34% were sure that they knew how to engage the process at all.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Though 80% of survey respondents had either participated in an internship or were interested in participating in one, 40% did not have faculty mentors and only 4% were currently working within their intended occupation.

Financial Literacy and Debt Management

Financial Literacy and Debt Management

Only 29% of respondents were fully funded with grants and scholarships but 80% of respondents had taken out student loans, and more than 70% of those awarded with student loans need them for at least 21% of their total financial aid package. Though most college brothers work, the vast majority work more than 11 hours a week.


Leadership Development

Leadership Development

College brothers were highly involved in other campus and community-related activities, with 97% participating in extracurricular activities at least 6 hours a week.

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