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economic development

As the Committee on Economic Development, Endowment and Capital; our role is to provide collaborative, innovative and strategic economic development leadership to promote a prosperous and growing “Alpha  Brotherhood and Economy.” We want to improve the professional and collegiate advancement of our Brothers, Region, Districts and Chapters.


We achieve this objective through economic research and analysis of Scholarships, Internships and Professional Entry Level and Executive Positions, strategic alliances with Alphas National Headquarters, government and businesses, as well as targeted solicitation outreach. Our efforts are guided and supported by the expertise/counsel of our public and private experts, advisors, and partners.


We are looking to collaborate with college Brothers who would like to have a contact/advisor/mentor in their field of study.  We are also looking for Brothers already in the Professional Environment who wish to share their experience with a College or Entry Level Brother to aid him in advancing in the shared profession.  It’s time Brothers to “Recycle the Alpha Dollar” by making Alpha an asset  from “College to Corporate.”

We are looking to create a “One Stop Resource for the Brotherhood for Scholarships and Professional Advancement. Making Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity “Self -Sufficient”.

There are many phases of development forthcoming and the input from the Brotherhood is greatly appreciated in that we are here to serve you, the Brotherhood.

 If you have any questions, comments, concerns, and / or suggestions, feel free to contact using the information provided below:


Keith C. Williams

Chair of the Economic Development, Endowment, and Capital Committee

Western Region

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated


Cell: (562) 972-0602

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