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College Brothers Affairs 2016 – 17
Goals and Objectives


The following list of goals will inform the programming and resource administration efforts of The Commission with broader implications for other technical, leadership, and infrastructure teams within the Western Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.:

    • Equip college brothers with resources, support, and thoughtful instruction in order facilitate their knowledge about postgraduate opportunities in their field of interest.


    • Develop a means to provide college brothers with real-time information about postgraduate opportunities that reflect shifts in the field, thereby allowing our college brothers to maintain a competitive edge over other applicants


    • Ensure that college brothers have professional mentors to help with career exposure and development.


    • Leverage Fraternity resources to connect college brothers to internship, externship, and entry-level job opportunities


    • Teach college brothers early on about the importance of financial management and literacy (i.e. credit, debt, budgeting, and long-term planning)


    • Provide ongoing leadership development activities spanning topical areas that will help college brothers lead extracurricular activities more effectively and with an emphasis on time management



College brothers were highly involved in other campus and community-related activities, with 97% participating in extracurricular activities at least 6 hours a we

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