There are currently 52,000 inactive Brothers in Alpha, not including those brothers who have passed on to our beloved Omega chapter; and approximately 32,000 active within our international organization, which means that they are not aligned with a Chapter. After a very busy summer, many phones calls, and micro-conferences the National Reclamation & Retention Committee has come up with a solid plan of action, that will assist the brotherhood in reclaiming these inactive brothers. In early September the committee presented their plan to the Executive Board of Directors for approval to move forward with the strategic plan; which was approved by our 34th General President Brothe. Mark S. Tillman and the General Office.

Our goal is to reclaim as many brothers as we possibly can to come back into the house of ALPHA. We want brothers to become financial with the National office; but we would also like to encourage these brothers to become fully financial by obtaining Chapter membership as well; However, our main goal is to get brother back active with the fraternity by paying their GRAND TAX. If a brother wants to become active with the national organization but not their local chapter that’s fine, Do Not discourage that brother; ALPHA wants every living and able brother back!

By implementing this initiative the fraternity hopes to add $300,000 $500,000 to our National income this fiscal year; as you may understand these funds will be available to help our College Brothers to recruit quality prospects at non-minority universities, help financially struggling Brothers move from one year to the next and graduate!

If we as Black Males do not help youth…then WHO! I am sure we all have “passion” for our fraternity and the difference we can make with Black Males. Every able brother should be able to at least pay “Grand Tax” or return to their Alpha roots and assist college brothers in need.

Brothers, our numbers are low and dangerously declining at the undergraduate level. It’s time for all of us to take action and return to the “HOOD” – reinvest in what we once held so dear to our hearts, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. We must become strong within before we try to help these young brothers who need our help. We have graduated, started families, started careers, became religious, or began to follow other endeavors in life; and as a result, some of us forgot about Alpha, but Alpha hasn’t forgotten about you. There are a lot of brothers who are doing the work of ALPHA outside of ALPHA, and to those brothers ALPHA wants you back at home where you belong. We all came into the organization differently, but entered the brotherhood the same and almost every brother will tell you, “It’s nothing like being with the “bruhs”.  If there are brothers who are experiencing life hardships, I ask that you all assist these brothers, and when doing so refer to Bro. Freeman Montague Jr.’s “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother.”

We all made a lifelong commitment to Alpha, now Alpha needs you to hold good on that commitment.

As chapter meetings have already begun your District Directors, Area Directors, & Chapter Presidents will further explain the details of the Reclamation Process in depth.

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